Start an Online Business

How to Start Your Own Business Even If You Have NO Business Experience

Seven years ago in the middle of the Great Recession I was downsized like millions of other Americans. I was fifty years old, with a mortgage, car payment and two kids in college. If you had a similar experience then you know NOBODY was hiring and even minimum wage jobs were in short supply.
Seeing how no one was coming to my aid and how the government itself was teetering on insolvency I decided I would go into business for myself.
Failed miserably. Undaunted, I tried creating a different business,
Failed again, just took a little longer. I kept at it. However, it became obvious that the only thing I was getting good at was failing at business.
It took awhile but I finally realized what my mistakes were. In order to become successful at creating your own business you need to know these five things:
And yes I know there is a lot more to it but once you master these essentials you’ll have a much better head start than I did. In addition, you’ll never have to depend on someone else to supply you with a job and a living wage.
Here are a few things people think is necessary to start your own business. The most common is that you have to have experience. No you don’t. You just need to know how to do what you’re marketing. You don’t open a bakery if you don’t have someone who can bake. If you do, then there is nothing stopping you. Second is that you need a lot of money. No you don’t. You can open an online business for less than $100.00. And once it starts making money you can use that success to get a small Business administration loan. Or you can open a go fund me account and get financial backers.
 Basically once you master these five must-haves for business, you’re all set:
Still undecided? Then  take this into account. With your own business there is no more daily commute. No slave-driving boss. No office politics. No dress code. No making someone else rich. Instead you set your own rules, your own hours, do the work you want to do and most importantly live the life you want to live.
 But in order to do that you need to know this: